Virat Kohli follows only one Pakistani superstar, Guess Who?

Virat Kohli has 18m followers and follows 82 Instagramers

Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli who just got hitched to the love of his life Anushka Sharma is one of the cricketers who keep their fans apprised of their daily activities through social media platforms.

The Indian skipper maintains verified accounts both on Twitter and photo-sharing website Instagram but an astonishing aspect about Kohli’s Instagram handle is that the cricketer follows a total 82 accounts, only one of whom is a Pakistani, Guess who?

Before the guessing game stretches too far, let us tell you that the recently wed athlete follows Pakistani popstar Asim Azhar, who shot to fame with his matchless rendition through the platform of Coke Studio.

Azhar, with a mere 379K followers, got the chance to be followed by Kohli who has bagged a huge 18 million fan following which is still ticking.

Interestingly, Asim Azhar follows 78 accounts, including the 29-year-old Indian cricketer, now the husband of Bollywood starlet Anushka Sharma.

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